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Pediatrician named to research society

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Spring


A Yale pediatrician is among 27 of the nation’s foremost experts in global health who will band together to advocate for greater U.S. investment in global health research. Michael Cappello, M.D., FW ’95, professor of pediatrics, microbial pathogenesis, and epidemiology and public health, joined the inaugural class of ambassadors in the Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research in November. The Rogers Society, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is named for the former congressman from Florida, a champion of health research. Rogers is the current chair emeritus of Research!America, a nonprofit public education and advocacy alliance founded in 1989. Members of the Rogers Society team are leaders in medical and global public health research. The inaugural class of ambassadors will meet with opinion leaders and decision makers at the national level to convey the importance of global health research. Among the ambassadors are two former Yale faculty members, Peter J. Hotez, Ph.D., M.D., chair of microbiology and tropical medicine at The George Washington University Medical Center, and Leon E. Rosenberg, M.D., HS ’63, professor of molecular biology at Princeton University and a former dean of the School of Medicine.