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Margaret K. Hostetter, M.D.

Yale Medicine Magazine, 1999 - Winter


Margaret K. Hostetter, M.D., has been named professor of pediatrics and chief of the section of pediatric immunology and director of the Yale Child Health Research Center. Dr. Hostetter received her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine and was a resident and fellow in infectious diseases at Boston Children’s Hospital. She comes to Yale from the University of Minnesota, where she held the American Legion Heart Research Chair in Pediatrics. Her research focuses on virulence factors in two important pathogens: Streptococcus pneumoniae, the leading cause of death from respiratory infections, and Candida albicans, the predominant cause of fatal fungal infections in patients with compromised immune function. Twelve years ago in Minnesota, Dr. Hostetter co-founded the first clinic specializing in the medical and developmental evaluation of internationally adopted children and has transplanted this model to Yale. Dr. Hostetter holds three R-01 awards from the National Institutes of Health and is a new appointee to the Council of the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development.
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