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Hospitals explore merger

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2011 - Autumn


Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) and the financially troubled Hospital of Saint Raphael (HSR) announced in March that they are exploring a possible merger. YNHH would buy HSR’s assets and invest about $135 million in capital improvements to produce an integrated hospital with two campuses. The integration would create cost and operational efficiencies.

Employees of HSR would most likely become part of the combined hospital; YNHH would provide pay and benefits consistent with those of YNHH employees in similar positions. The merged institution would continue to honor HSR’s Catholic heritage.

“With the prospect of significant health care changes on the horizon, hospitals across the nation are exploring innovative ways to enhance access to high-quality care while driving down costs,” said Marna P. Borgstrom, M.P.H. ’79, president and CEO of YNHH. “The proposed integration is in the best interest of this community, our patients, and our two organizations,” said Christopher M. O’Connor, president and CEO of HSR.

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