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Fall/Winter 1982

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Spring


Yale Medicine

Yale Enters a Cooperative Research Agreement With Bristol-Myers for Development of Anticancer Drugs

“Bristol-Myers Company and Yale University have entered into a $3 million cooperative research agreement to facilitate the production and availability of new anticancer drugs.

“The agreement brings the investigative talents of Yale medical scientists, who are recognized leaders in cancer chemotherapy research, together with the research and developmental resources of Bristol-Myers Company, a major producer and distributor worldwide of anticancer agents. Through ongoing technical and scientific interaction, they will seek to employ the unique resources and skills of university- and industry-based approaches to development and production of new effective and safe drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of neoplastic diseases. …

“Yale is one of very few research institutions in the world where scientists involved in the development of a new anticancer drug work together from the first experiments at the laboratory bench through to treating patients in the clinic. They played a leading role in the development of several important drugs, and in addition, they have been conducting research to increase the effectiveness and reduce the toxic side effects of a number of drugs which have been used with some success, by revising the scheduling of their administration, and by utilizing them in combination.”

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