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Class of 1973: 40th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2013 - Spring


An enthusiastic group of 28 classmates (and 19 significant-others/family members) attended the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1973. In attendance were Rick Boland (Pat), Bob Bucholz (Marybeth Ezaki), Jim Campbell (Regina), Marvin Chassin (Barbara), Sesh Cole (Pat), Dave Coulter, Kip Doran (Maureen), Joe Eichenbaum , Jane Ferguson, Rick Fingeroth (Harriett), Lee Goldman (Jill), Gary Gordon, Andy Kadar, Mike Kramer (Claire), Christine Kull Walsh (Sean), George Lister (Sandy; plus Jacob, a current Yale medical student), Harold Mancusi-Ungaro (Sue), John McDowell (Cathy), Marv Miller, Jim Neviackas (Joan), Dave Pickar (Cathy), Tom Romano, Jerry Rosenbaum, Rob Sirota (Karen), Jim Sullivan (Rita), Tom Sweeney (Anne), Rick S.K. Young, and Randy Zusman.

In addition to participating in the many formal reunion activities, the weekend was marked by the recall of many fond memories of our years in New Haven and the closeness and affection felt for each and every member of the class.

Two members of the class were honored at the formal assembly of the Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine (AYAM).

Christine Kull Walsh was honored as she completed her two-year term as president of the AYAM. Christine has served in many capacities with the AYAM, and in 2008 received the "Distinguished Alumni Service Award" in recognition of her significant contributions to the School of Medicine. Christine is not, however, ending her service as she has been selected to serve on the governing board of the Association of Yale Alumni, representing the entire university.

Harold Mancuso-Ungaro, who has served a three-year term as secretary-treasurer of the AYAM, was re-elected to a second term in office.

Kip (Christopher) Doran was honored as a featured participant in the alumni panel entitled "The Paths We've Traveled." Kip described his and Maureen's service in the Peace Corps in Botswana, where they implemented HIV education programs and lectured on mental health at the University of Botswana. Kip shared the stage with Linda Grais, M.D. '83, who has been involved in the development of novel therapeutics as an entrepreneur, and with Craig Llewellyn, M.D. '63, who has had a distinguished career in the US Army Medical Corps.

The reunion dinner was held at the Quinnipiack Club, where we noted with sadness the deaths of Bill McBride, Omieri Mitoko, John Neil, Bob Polackwich, Harry Romanowitz, Mike Solin, and Chuck Stroebel.

It was noted that with one exception (Rick Fingeroth) everyone in attendance at the reunion was still working. We postulated that those who were retired were having too much fun to attend. But, uniformly, we heard, "I wondered where …" and "I wonder what ..." in reference to classmates not in attendance.

And, so, put June 2018 on your calendars! Attend the 45th year reunion of the Class of 1973 and renew your friendships with your classmates. New Haven has changed much since 1973 but the friendships and memories forged during those 4 years endure stronger than ever.

We sincerely hope to see you in five years (if not sooner)!

—Rick Boland and Randy Zusman