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Class of 1958: 55th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2013 - Spring


Sixteen members of the Class of 1958 attended some part of the class reunion, with a total of 28 classmates and significant others attending a superb and noisy dinner at the Union league restaurant—Mike Kashgarian and Gerry Burrow planned the menu. The noise from the bar was added to by our own boisterous greetings and reminiscences. Dean Alpern joined us briefly and was pleased by our enthusiasm for the progress taking place at the school. Those who did attend included John and Trudy Arnot, George and Anne Aghajanian, Gerry and Anne Burrow, Dave and Helen Carlson, Bob and Ellen Donohue, Don and Helen Duncan, Ernest Hartmann, Mike and Jeanie Kashgarian, Ted and Dorita Lieberman, Bill McClanahanand Anne Bourne,Andyand LoisMcGowan,Aland JudieMuggia,Bob Neuwirth,Billand DorothyRadcliffe,Bill Schlaepfer, andPauli Wood.

Ray Turner and Paul Rudnick, who have never missed a reunion, had conflicts on both coasts and were unable to attend. They are hoping to maybe have a mini-reunion later this year. Gene Spector flew in a month earlier to see his grandson playing at Hopkins and had a reunion with Mike and Gerry but he did not return for this event.

As would be expected a good time was had by all. It is truly remarkable that despite being octogenerians, we have changed so little over the past 55 years.

—Michael Kashgarian