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Class of 1953: 60th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2013 - Spring


While only six of us returned for our 60th reunion, those of us who arrived enjoyed a delightful get-together. In addition, I heard from another eight classmates who had family conflicts or other reasons for non-attendance, including several who are counted on as "regulars." We sat together at a table for Friday dinner and for both lunch and dinner on Saturday.

The cohort who came: Vince Gott, Bob and Hyla Melnick, Harvey Peck, Irv Rosenberg, Fred and Mary Lou Young, plus Hal Bornstein, your loyal scribe, and Maureen, the devoted hostess of Class of 1953.

After 43 years at Johns Hopkins, Vince Gott and Iveagh moved in 2008 to Charlottesville, Va., where a son and family live.

Bob and Hyle Melnick are both retired, but keep busy with grands.

Harvey Peck was in good form with his witty remarks. He still works four long days as a radiologist.

Irv Rosenberg is retired from medicine, but enjoys skiing, sailing, and playing the violin.

Fred and Mary Lou Young are retired, live in a retirement community, and walk some miles each day.

Hal Bornstein closed his pediatric office in 1997, but is still a school medical adviser for North Haven, has his pediatric TB clinic at Yale-New Haven twice a month, and serves as a medical expert for Social Security all over the country, in person in New Haven, and on the phone elsewhere. My most exciting news is that my life gift annuities, designated for student aid, had done so well that a scholarship for a medical student started 10 years ago. The first holder of the Bornstein scholarship is a fine and deserving lad.

Those of us who attended are looking forward, hopefully, to our 65th and 70th reunions.

-Hal Bornstein