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A new look for Yale Medicine

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2013 - Spring


As it happens both of this issue’s feature stories are about cancer. Marc Wortman reports on a controversial theory that holds that certain stem cells underlie cancer and that identifying these cells can lead to new possibilities for treatment. Kara Nyberg reports on a partnership between the School of Medicine and Gilead Sciences in which the pharmaceutical company underwrites research at Yale that could lead to new targets for drugs to fight cancer. Having two articles on a related topic in this issue owes more to serendipity than our editorial prescience, but starting with our autumn issue, the features in Yale Medicine will all be linked by a theme in science or medicine. This focus will allow us to explore in depth advances in science and medicine not just at Yale but around the world.

This thematic approach is part of a new vision for the magazine as we embark on a redesign to give the print edition of Yale Medicine a livelier and more modern look. We will expand our news and feature section and some sections that have traditionally appeared in our print issue—faculty, alumni, and student news—will appear online only. As part of our redesign we’ll expand our online edition with regular postings in between print issues. Our print issue will continue to appear three times a year, in winter, spring, and autumn.

We hope that you will enjoy the new format of the magazine as we continue to bring you news of the School of Medicine community.