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Twelve Different Ways To Get Website Support

October 19, 2012
by Justin Fansler

Have you ever spent three hours trying to update something on your website that you think should really only be a 10 minute task? Be honest. We’ve all been there.

Over the past year, we’ve added many new options to help you become an expert in updating your site. Below is a brief overview of the twelve main options available to you:

1. Phone Support

Are you pulling your hair out trying to edit a table? Our team is available (during normal business hours) to answer your questions via the phone at 203-737-7932. Call us. We’re happy to help.

2. Screen Sharing

Do you need us to show you how to make a quick edit to your site? Schedule a screen sharing session with our team via and we can each sit in our respective offices and view/control your computer screen. It’s a great way for us to show you how to do something using your own computer.

3. Website Support Materials

If you’re the type of person who really likes to figure it out on your own or you just need a quick reminder about how to do something, we’ve built an extensive library of instructions in the Tridion Support section of our website. Here you’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions for using every template, along with helpful examples. There are also instructions on using Tridion and instructions to help you navigate SiteImprove, the weekly reports you receive about broken links and misspelled words on your website.

4. Office Hours

Come work in our office and get one-on-one help from a member of our team. You can work on specific tasks or bring a list of questions for us to answer. We generally have appointments available two or three times a month. Sign-up for a slot via the resource scheduler.

5. Web Editors' Meeting

Each month, we host a meeting to which anyone working with a YSM website is invited. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about our immediate and future projects, provide input on those projects, and ask questions. If you can’t make it, we generally record the session and post it to our website. We also provide a summary of the meeting on our news page.

6. Weekly Communications Digest

Each week, we send out an email that has a link to the articles we posted to our site in the previous week, along with the posts we put on Facebook, Twitter and Yammer. This summary provides you with a general overview of activity that we think you need to know.

7. Frequent Updates via Social Media

Over the past several months, we’ve been working on different ways to get you daily information about important updates, new functionality and other items of interests that directly affect you as a website owner or administrator. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Yammer. If you join our Yammer group, you’ll receive a helpful daily digest email of posts each morning. You can also use Yammer to ask us questions, chat with you fellow web editor colleagues and see upcoming events.

8. Web Editor Community

We’re not the only resource available to you to help get ideas about new ways to present content on your site… there are currently over 200 web editors at the school who are great resources to network with and ask questions. Find them on our Yammer site or at the monthly Web Editor's Meetings!

9. SiteImprove Reports

We’ve subscribed to an excellent service called SiteImprove that examines your website every five days and emails you a report detailing broken links and misspelled words. It can be daunting at first, but once you’ve taken some time to clean up the errors, it’s an easy way to keep your website free of broken links and misspelled words. Have you acted on your SiteImprove report recently?

10. Site Polishing Service

Do you think your site could be better but you don’t have the time to revamp it? Let us help! For a small charge ($250), our team will review your site and provide a report with recommended enhancements. You can either make the updates yourself or, for a slightly larger fee ($1,000), our team will make them for you (the initial $250 is included in the $1,000 fee). Contact Justin Navarro to get started!

11. Web Standards Support

Have you been asked to put a photo or other content on your site that you just don’t think looks professional? Chances are, it’s not. Let us help support you in your pursuit to create a professional website by crafting policies and communications to your faculty, staff and administrators.

12. If all else fails, enroll in our web editing service

The Web Editing Service takes away the stress of actually using the software to update your website. Enroll in the service and you provide the updates to our team on a scheduled basis and we’ll make them for you. Learn more…

Submitted by Justin Fansler on October 19, 2012