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Sabrina Browning, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology)

Contact Information

Sabrina Browning, MD

Research Summary

Dr. Browning's research interests include the study of new treatments for multiple myeloma and AL amyloidosis as well as the effect of therapy on patients' quality of life. She is also interested in exploring potential inherited risk factors for the development of these diseases. She will be pursuing studies to better understand how to manage classic hematology problems, including clotting and bleeding, which may occur in patients with multiple myeloma or AL amyloidosis. She has also worked with the Yale Convalescent Plasma Therapy in COVID-19 group to investigate the role of transfusing plasma collected from donors who have recovered from COVID-19 to those currently sick with the disease in an attempt to improve their breathing status and other outcomes.


Research Interests

Quality of Life; Therapeutics; Exome Sequencing

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials