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Richard Shiffman, MD

Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics (General Pediatrics); Associate Director, Yale Center for Medical Informatics; Program Director, Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program

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Richard Shiffman, MD

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Extensive Research Description

GLIDES Project (GuideLines into Decision Support) funded by AHRQ to (1) implement evidence-based guideline recommendations that address prevention of pediatric obesity and chronic management of asthma, (2) apply the Guideline Elements Model and its associated tools to systematically and replicably transform the knowledge contained in the guidelines into a computable format, (3) deliver the knowledge via electronic decision support at ambulatory sites at Yale and Nemours, and (4) to evaluate fulfillment of these goals and the effectiveness of the decision support tools in improving quality of health care.ERGO Project (Effective Representation of Guidelines with Ontologies) funded by NLM and AHRQ to (1) create a library of representative guideline recommendation statements, (2) delineate the range of ambiguous, vague and underspecified statements, (3) analyze the terminology of obligation, (4) create an ontology of recommendations, and (5) develop and evaluate a controlled language editor to facilitate authoring of recommendations that can be translated into decision support tools.


Research Interests

Decision Making, Computer-Assisted; Decision Support Techniques; Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted; Information Science; Medical Informatics; Medical Informatics Applications; Medical Records Systems, Computerized; Decision Support Systems, Clinical

Selected Publications