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Jung Yun Julie Kang, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

Contact Information

Jung Yun Julie Kang, MD, PhD

Research Summary

As an academic radiation oncologist, my research focuses on optimizing radiation therapy by harnessing technology and cutting-edge science to make cancer care safer and more effective. There have been great advances in radiation oncology which enable us to treat cancer with fewer side effects. I have published extensively on treatment deintensification, prognostication, toxicity, and personalizing therapy for head and neck and prostate cancers. In analyzing the clinical, biological, and demographic factors that influence cancer outcomes, we can improve health care quality for each individual as well as on the population level. I am actively involved in clinical trials and cooperative groups that aim to define and raise the standard of care through research and education. I have a particular interest in cancer disparities research and reducing barriers to care, serving on committees at Yale Cancer Center and national cooperative groups.

I have co-authored over fifty peer-reviewed original research articles, reviews, and book chapters. I am also interested in mentoring medical students and residents in comparative effectiveness research, health services research, and big data analytics related to head and neck and prostate cancers.

Research Interests

Head and Neck Neoplasms; Prostatic Neoplasms; Radiation; Clinical Trial; Mentoring

Selected Publications