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Jian Yue, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate (Microbial Pathogenesis)

Contact Information

Jian Yue, PhD

Research Summary

The pathogenic bacterium Legionella pneumophila causes Legionnaires' disease by injecting a diverse array of proteins into host cells through the Dot/Icm type IV secretion system (T4SS). This elaborate nanomachine transports over 300 distinct protein effectors or toxins into eukaryotic host cells. My research focuses on utilizing high-throughput cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) in combination with other cutting-edge approaches to visualize and determine high-resolution 3D structures of this intricate nanomachine to reveal its transport mechanisms. This work holds great promise in advancing our understanding of T4SS macromolecular machines and their vital roles in various biological processes. Furthermore, knowledge gained from this study will open new avenues for the development of drugs and therapies combatting a wide range of infectious diseases.

Research Interests

Molecular Structure; Cryoelectron Microscopy; Electron Microscope Tomography; Bacterial Secretion Systems; Host Microbial Interactions

Selected Publications