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Amanda Lowell, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Research Summary

As a clinician scientist, I use an infant mental health framework to study mechanisms underlying— and interventions addressing— the intergenerational transmission of addiction and adversity with a specific focus on maternal brain plasticity. My program of translational research specifically examines 1) the impact of addiction and adversity on maternal neural responses to infant signals; 2) the overlap of maternal addiction, adversity, and attachment and how these intersecting experiences relate to multiple dimensions of caregiving; and 3) the efficacy of an evidence-based parenting intervention for mothers with addictions: Mothering from the Inside Out (MIO).


Research Interests

Child Guidance; Psychology, Child; Community Mental Health Services; Parent-Child Relations; Psychology, Clinical; Psychotherapy; Parenting; Substance-Related Disorders; Psychology, Developmental; Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders

Public Health Interests

Maternal & Child Health; Mental Health; Stigma and Discrimination; Substance Use, Addiction; Health Systems Reform

Selected Publications