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Naama de la Fontaine, PhD

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Naama de la Fontaine, PhD



Naama de la Fontaine, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist, currently based in Tel-Aviv. Dr. de la Fontaine specializes in the treatment and research of evidence-based practices for anxiety and trauma at the Sheba Medical Center, CBT and Veteran's Clinics. As Assistant Clinical Professor (Community Faculty) at the Yale University Child Study Center, Trauma Section, and Project Director at the Cohen-Harris Resilience Center, Children at Risk Foundation, she manages an international collaboration aimed at enhancing multi-disciplinary response to children exposed to violence in Israel.

Dr. de la Fontaine obtained her doctorate degree at the Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University, in New York, where she developed a strong foundation in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory and practice. Over the years, she has worked with children, adults and families in diverse settings, including Mount Sinai Hospital Center, NYU Bellevue Hospital Center, Brooklyn Children's Center, and the Yale University Outpatient Clinic, Trauma Clinic and Emergency Department. Each setting called for individually-tailored treatment modalities and approaches, which have all informed the integrative approach she currently offers at her private clinic. Dr. de la Fontaine has held several academic positions, including Adjunct Professor at Adelphi University and at Bern University. Dr. de la Fontaine's research focuses primarily on populations at risk for traumatic exposure, including children exposed to violence, first responders, and veterans. In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, she has expanded her work to include intervention development and research related to medical personnel.

Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Associate
    Yale University Child Study Center (2015)
  • Psychology Fellow
    Yale University Child Study Center (2014)
  • PhD
    Adelphi University, The Derner School of Psychology/ Clinical Psychology (2010)

Departments & Organizations