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Emily Draeger, PhD, DABR

Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

Contact Information

Emily Draeger, PhD, DABR



Dr. Emily Draeger received her B.S. degree in physics from the University of Minnesota, Duluth in 2009. She then pursued her Ph.D. in experimental high energy/nuclear physics at Illinois Institute of Technology. Her work contributed to the Daya Bay Antineutrino Experiment, which was awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2014.

After receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Draeger was accepted into the Medical Physics Post-Graduate Certificate program at the University of Pennsylvania, which she completed in 2015. She then completed a post-doctoral position at the University of Maryland, which focused on prompt gamma proton range verification. Her post-doctoral work resulted in several awards, as well as manuscripts and a patent. She then took a position as a research physicist in the Division of Translational Radiation Sciences at the University of Maryland, where she worked on irradiation protocol design for the testing of new therapeutics for cancer treatment and the mitigation of health effects caused by radiation exposure.

After her time at the University of Maryland, Dr. Draeger was accepted into the therapeutic medical physics residency program at Yale-New Haven Hospital, which she completed in 2020. She then joined Yale-New Haven Hospital as a Medical Physicist and Yale University as an assistant professor in 2021. Since joining the department, Dr. Draeger continues to support patient care, resident education, and continues to conduct research, focusing on brachytherapy applications, stereotactic radiosurgery, and Monte Carlo modeling.

Education & Training

  • Medical Physics Residency
    Yale New Haven Hospital/Yale School of Medicine (2020)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics
    University of Pennsylvania (2015)
  • PhD
    Illinois Institute of Technology, Physics (2014)
  • BS
    University of Minnesota Duluth, Physics (2009)


  • Dosimetry in radiobiology and the impact of dosimetric reporting and standardization on study reproducibility
    Virtual Seminar Presentation for the Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular, at Parc Cientific de la Universitat de Valencia 2023
    Medical Physics Seminar, Universitat de Valencia
  • Negotiations: Tools and Tactics for Critical Conversations
    Houston, TX, United States 2023
    AAPM 65th Annual Meeting
  • An Introduction to Radionuclide-Based Brachytherapy for Superficial Targets
    New Orleans, LA, United States 2022
    AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
  • The importance and challenges of standardizing reporting of radiation dosimetry parameters in radiobiology
    67th Annual Meeting, Virtual, October 2021 2021
    RRS 67th Annual Meeting
  • Automated Verification of Treatment Parameter Transfer Between TPS and OIS Databases
    63rd Annual Meeting, Virtual, July 2021 2021
    AAPM 63rd Annual Meeting
  • Utilizing Tumor Control Probability to Aid in Selection of Multi-Dwell or Single-Dwell Methodology for Leipzig-Style Applicators: A Preliminary Study
    Annual Meeting, Virtual, June 2021 2021
    2021 ABS Annual Meeting
  • Strategies to expand viable treatment area in tungsten shell applicators for surface brachytherapy
    Annual Meeting, Virtual, October 2020 2020
    2020 ASTRO Annual Meeting
  • On the Feasibility of Angle-Resolved Portal Dosimetry for Patient Specific Quality Assurance of VMAT Plans
    AAPM/COMP Joint Meeting, Virtual, July 2020 2020
    2020 AAPM/COMP Joint Meeting
  • Development of Multiple Dwell Techniques in Horizontally-Oriented Leipzig-Style Applicators for Surface Brachytherapy Guided by a Model-Based Dose Calculation Algorithm
    AAPM/COMP Joint Meeting, Virtual, July 2020 2020
    2020 AAPM/COMP Joint Meeting
  • Validation of OSLD In-Vivo Dosimetry for Total Body Irradiation
    AAPM/COMP Joint Meeting, Virtual, July 2020 2020
    2020 AAPM/COMP Joint Meeting
  • Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance for in Vivo Biodosimetry in Radiotherapy Patients
    San Antonio, TX, United States 2019
    AAPM 61st Annual Meeting
  • Two Decades of Physics and Dosimetry Reporting in Radiobiological Studies: A Potential Factor of the Reproducibility Crisis
    San Antonio, TX, United States 2019
    AAPM 61st Annual Meeting
  • Two decades of physics and dosimetry reporting in radiobiological studies: A potential factor of the reproducibility crisis
    Boston, MA, United States 2019
    2019 NEAAPM Spring Meeting
  • Physics and dosimetry reporting in radiation biology: Where do we stand now?
    Chicago, IL, United States 2018
    2018 RRS Annual Meeting
  • Optimization of total-body irradiation (TBI) technique in mini-pig models
    Chicago, IL, United States 2018
    2018 RRS Annual Meeting
  • Prompt gamma-based Compton imaging for proton range verification
    Duluth, MN, United States 2016
    University of Minnesota Duluth, Department of Physics & Astronomy Seminar
  • A 3 Dimensional Prompt Gamma Imaging System for Range Verification in Proton Radiotherapy
    Washington, DC, United States 2016
    AAPM 58th Annual Meeting
  • A Method to Improve the Spatial Resolution of Prompt Gamma Based Compton Imaging for Proton Range Verification
    Washington, DC, United States 2016
    AAPM 58th Annual Meeting
  • Improving image reconstruction for Compton camera based imaging for proton radiotherapy verification
    Turin, Piedmont, Italy 2016
    ESTRO 35
  • A method to improve the spatial resolution of prompt gamma based Compton imaging for proton range verification
    Annapolis, MD, United States 2016
    2016 MAC-AAPM Annual Meeting

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Best Oral Presentation AwardCOMP/CARO/CAMRT2018
Young Investigator's Symposium AwardMAC-AAPM2016
Abell Foundation Award for Top Biotechnology Innovation2016
AAPM Science Council Award for Top AbstractAAPM2016
Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics2016

Professional Service

Connecticut Area Medical Physics SocietyChapter representative to the AAPM Board of Directors2024 - 2026
American Association of Physicists in MedicineBoard of Directors2024 - 2026
American Association of Physicists in MedicineRegional Organization Committee2024 - 2026
American Association of Physicists in MedicineLuncheon Working Group2024 - Present
Young Investigators' Workshop - Prompt Gamma Imaging for Particle TherapyThe aim of the workshop is to provide a platform for young researchers working in the field of prompt gamma imaging in particle therapy, and give them the opportunity to meet renowned experts in the field, network, and exchange novel ideas and concepts.2023
American Association of Physicists in MedicineWorking Group on EDI Curriculum Content Development2023
Connecticut Area Medical Physics SocietyPresident2023
Department of Radiation OncologyStandardization Committee2023 - Present
American Association of Physicists in MedicineWomen's Professional Subcommittee2023 - Present
Frontiers in PhysicsTopic Editor for Prompt-gamma Imaging in Particle Therapy2023 - Present
Department of Radiation OncologyStandardization Committee2022 - 2023
Connecticut Area Medical Physics SocietyPresident-elect2022
Medical PhysicsReviewer2022 - Present
AAPM Multi-Institutional Journal ClubGroup lead for multi-institutional journal club #82021 - 2022
Scientific ReportsReviewer2021 - Present
American Brachytherapy SocietyMember2020 - Present
American Society for Radiation OncologyMember2020 - Present
BrachytherapyReviewer2020 - Present
New England Chapter of the AAPMMember2019 - Present
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical PhysicsReviewer2019 - Present
Connecticut Area Medical Physics SocietyMember2018 - Present
Radiation Research SocietyMember2018 - Present
IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical SciencesReviewer2017 - Present
American Association of Physicists in MedicineMember2015 - Present

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