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Reappointments require continued excellence. Preparing for reappointment provides the opportunity for faculty members and their departments to review progress, assess goals, and plan for development and trajectories for potential future promotion. Mentorship programs can help faculty at every stage of their career, and OAPD-sponsored career development workshops and other faculty resources available to help faculty succeed.

Reappointment processes are begun the year prior to the end of faculty appointment terms. As with appointments, there may be some details that vary from one department to another and faculty should become familiar with them. School-wide requirements that apply to everyone are spelled out by position in the Faculty Tracks, Ranks, & Positions web pages. The guiding principles are drawn from the Yale University Faculty Handbook.

It is recommended that faculty contact their department for information about related processes, requirements, and timelines. Each department has faculty affairs department teams to facilitate related procedures.


The timeline for A&P processes should be kept in mind. It is recommended that discussions about reappointment include assessment of progress, goals, and future directions. Faculty should review their CV1, CV2, and teaching evaluations with their departments. Of note, for K Award recipients who were appointed to a ladder track position with a Search Waiver, a K Awardee Progress Report for Reappointment needs to be completed, submitted, and approved prior to reappointment.

Note that there are some track/position considerations related to reappointment that are delineated below. There is no entitlement to reappointment.

Clinical Track

Academic Clinical track reappointment is based upon clinical excellence and productivity, financial support of the position, and programmatic needs of the department and school.

If any of these are found unsatisfactory, as determined by the department and the Office of the Dean, non-reappointment to assistant professor requires six months' written notice and associate professor or professor requires one year's written notice for terms of appointment greater than one year. One-year appointments require 60 days' written notice.