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Interfolio Faculty Search


Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Following conditional or final approval of an RFP, a faculty search can be initiated. This is the process by which a position is advertised, candidates are identified, screened, interviewed, and the most qualified candidate is selected. Departments seek talent from all walks, and recognize the strength of a diverse and accomplished faculty.

No RFP or faculty search is required for non-ladder track positions. An RFP is required, but a faculty search is not required, for Instructors on the Clinical track. In specific cases, a Targeted Appointment (see below) or Search Waiver (see below) may be considered for ladder track positions after discussion with the OAPD.


Once an RFP is at least conditionally approved, the position should be created in Interfolio by the Departmental Faculty Affairs coordinators. This is the platform used to coordinate searches at YSM.

The Interfolio posting of a position includes the creation of an advertisement (see below).

All active positions are automatically posted to the Office of the Provost website under Academic Job Listings. All positions for which a search is performed, must be posted for at least 30 days. In addition to being posted on Interfolio, searches for Clinician Educator-Scholar, Clinician Scientist, Investigator, and Traditional (but not Academic Clinician) tracks must also be posted in print and/or online in a professional journal for 30 days.

All searches should be coordinated with the search committee through Interfolio. Once a candidate has been identified, draft offer letters (see below) require approval by the OAPD prior to being extended to the applicant.

Before extending a final, written offer to a candidate, the RFP needs to be fully approved and the following documents submitted to and approved by the OAPD.

  • Faculty search questionnaire (see below)
  • Interfolio EEO report (request report from
  • CV for each person listed in the Final Candidates section (FSQ only). These do not need to be in Yale format.
  • At least 3 letters of reference for the proposed candidate. Note that letters from the search committee members are not acceptable.
  • Copy of the journal advertisement(s) and/or invoices(s), for Clinician-Educator, Clinician Scientist, Investigator, and Traditional Tracks (this is not needed for the Clinical Track).

Once the offer letter is fully executed, it should be sent to the OAPD, with a Yale formatted CV. The appointment can then be entered into Workday and the appointment process can be initiated, if appropriate. Note: Associate Professor and Professor ranks require YSM A&P Committee review/approval, as well as BPO review/approval before the Workday appointment can be approved.

Search Waivers

Search waivers may be considered in the following situations:

  • K Award: For those who are on K-award. Note: Prior to the end of term, a K Awardee Progress Report for Reappointment form may be submitted in lieu of a search. A new RFP will NOT be required.
  • Coterminous appointment: For current employee of affiliated organization when search was conducted by that institution, e.g. VA, Pierce Foundation, YNHH.
  • Practice acquisition: For those who are in a practice being acquired by Yale Medicine.
  • Other: Should be discussed with OAPD.

The Search Waiver Form should be used in such situations.