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The greatest second-year show ever?

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2014 - Spring


Since 1949 Yale medical students have been lampooning their professors, deans, and classmates in an annual spoof that often revolves around goings-on at the School of Medicine. This year’s production, The Greatest Second-Year Show Ever?, presented by the Class of 2016, took as its theme the impending implementation of a new medical curriculum. Students were panicking over the show’s possible demise—the new curriculum left no time for such frivolity. (Any professor at the med school knows the folly of scheduling classes in the final days before opening night.) As did past shows, this year’s installment targeted such familiar campus figures as Deputy Dean for Education Richard Belitsky, M.D.; Associate Dean for Student Affairs Nancy R. Angoff, M.P.H. ’81, M.D. ’90, HS ’93; Professor Margaret Bia, M.D.; and Professor Auguste Fortin, M.D., M.P.H. Jessica Ye and Simon Kigwana were the show’s producers.

Take a look inside a rehearsal for the show here.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the show.

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