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Pathology chair becomes department’s first Yesner Professor

Yale Medicine Magazine, 1998 - Fall


Jon S. Morrow, M.D., professor and chair of pathology, and professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology, has been named the Raymond Yesner Professor of Pathology. Dr. Morrow has led pioneering studies to define the structure and function of the membrane-associated cytoskeleton. His work led to an understanding of the origin of several inherited blood diseases of children. In addition, his studies on the regulation of cell-cell adhesion receptors have revealed molecular mechanisms fundamental to an understanding of fetal growth and development, as well as cancer causation and metastasis control. Other research he has conducted has implications for understanding brain disorders and for treating neonatal brain injury, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and AIDS dementia and other disorders.

Active in the field of medical informatics, Dr. Morrow has been an advocate of the early translation of basic science advances to clinical medicine. He headed the team that designed the pathology department’s computerized patient information system, and established the medical school’s Critical Technologies Program, which facilitates physicians’ access to basic science advances and assists basic scientists in the extension of their studies to problems of human relevance.

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