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How managed care stacks up

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2002 - Autumn


Tracey Thomas, M.P.H. ’94, works as a research associate at Yale’s School of Public Health. “I never actually left,” jokes Thomas, who is contributing to a study of the variations in managed-care regulations from state to state. Working with faculty members Mark J. Schlesinger, Ph.D., and Karl S. Kronebusch, Ph.D., Thomas is helping to analyze and quantify how a state’s managed-care rules affect physicians’ satisfaction with the managed-care system in that state.

Thomas, who worked as the office manager for U.S. Rep. Bruce Morrison of Connecticut before earning her degree at Yale, says her work fits well with the job of raising three young children, but she misses politics. “I love politics,” says Thomas, who lives in Hamden with her husband, lawyer Marvin Bellis, and children, Morgan, 8, Jack, 5, and Ronan, 2.