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From the editor: Keep the letters coming!

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2010 - Autumn


As an alumni magazine Yale Medicine has a built-in hook to attract readers—our Alumni Notes page. We always like to hear news of classmates, even ones we may not have known well during our school years. And it doesn’t matter whether the news concerns a classmate who just won a Lasker Award or another who was named dean of a prestigious medical school. It’s enough to know that someone is alive and well, just got married, or just saw her daughter graduate from college—or enter kindergarten.

A member of the Class of 1959 recently pointed out to us that our Alumni Notes section lacked news of anyone who graduated before 1960, and asked that we correct that oversight. About two years ago another alumnus made the same point.

Like these two alumni, we would love to publish more news of alumni from all years and generations. But we’re at the mercy of you, our readers. We print the news as we receive it, and that means we rely on alumni to tell us about their lives and careers. Until recently the magazine included a note card for alumni to fill out and send to us; we discontinued the practice after realizing that the card cost $3,000 a year and elicited about six responses per annum.

We don’t actively solicit items beyond inserting a notice in the pages of Yale Medicine that all such news is welcome. As regular readers of The New York Times, we scan the wedding pages on Sundays to look for news items. And sometimes our alumni make a splash in print or online media, perhaps by being appointed to a top government job or publishing a new book.

But you don’t need a promotion, award, accolade, or appointment to a high post to see yourself on our alumni page. A simple update on what you’re doing is plenty. (A high-quality, high-resolution photo doesn’t hurt, either.) We look forward to hearing from you.

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