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Class of 1969: 40th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2009 - Spring


Eighteen members of the Class of 1969 returned to New Haven for the 40th reunion. They gathered to swap reminiscences of 1960’s New Haven, their lives, their careers, and, most importantly, pictures of grandchildren. Lionel Nelson had the most fascinating stories to tell from his most recent experience as a flight surgeon in Iraq. Tim Pedley is now in his 12th year as Chairman in Neurology at Columbia. Lee Jampol is now in his 26th year as Chairman of Ophthalmology at Northwestern, while Larry Yeatman is still a very active interventional cardiologist at UCLA. Jody Robinson continues to be an active internist in the Washington D.C. area. Jonelle Rowe has retired from her women’s health position in Washington, but continues to work part time at that agency.

David Schulak continues an active practice of orthopedic surgery in Tampa. Lutz Schlicke has retired from orthopedic surgery, but is still quite active with his writing. Carolyn Wells continues to be an active researcher, working with a number of the faculty at Yale in clinical epidemiology.

Arnie Mazur continues to care for students at Boston College. Sandy Genser has retired from the NIH, but is still practicing psychiatry. Ralph Falkenstein is still very active in his ophthalmology practice in Danbury Conn. Roger Cooke is now a full-time medical director of a Multiple Sclerosis clinic in Spokane, Wash. Paul Kelker is still an active pediatric oncologist in Montana, and outdid all of us with his report that he was now a great-grandfather. Joe Cleary is still an active clinician and teacher in the medical residency program at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut. Ellen Milstone is still very active in her dermatology practice in Hamden Conn. Stephen Webb continues a practice in Pediatrics in Rochester, N.Y.

Ellen Milstone read a very poignant e-mail from a close friend and colleague of Seth Charney, describing Seth’s last few months before he died from Huntington’s chorea. We all had a chance to reflect on the very special nature of Seth. We will never forget Seth’s enthusiasm, wisdom, curiosity, and wonderful spirit of life.

Leo Cooney Jr.

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