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Class of 1954: 55th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2009 - Spring


Returnees to the Class of 1954’s 55th reunion included Art Crovatto, who combined the alumni gathering with his grandson’s graduation from the Kent School in Connecticut. Art demonstrated his usual upbeat attitude in spite of his concern with his declining eyesight and a potential aneurysm of the aorta. Dick Bouchard came from Baltimore; his youthful appearance has not changed since graduation. Bobbie and Dick Pullen from New Hampshire attended their 11th alumni reunion and still looked like newlyweds. Gail and Len Silverman came up from Florida to brave New Haven’s cloudy and cool weather. They spend the summer in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and enjoy visiting with classmates in New Haven on the way. Kari and Harry Miller really are newlyweds (20 years?). Harry had lots to say but didn’t once mention a class gift. Betty and Frank Gruskay from nearby Woodbridge, Conn., rounded out the small but enthusiastic group. Frank continues to see patients 12 hours a week in his six-person pediatric group as well as teaching residents and postgraduate fellows in the Yale Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology clinic once a week.

We reminisced about Nick Cuomo and Buzz Lind and Herb Hurwitz and Don Davis and Paul Neufield and Sheila O’Connor and the others who have passed on. We each had a different anecdote about our first-year play. Jack Gariepy, Eva Henriksen, Bill Paule, and Eli Schimmel sent their regrets and hope they can make the sixtieth. So do we all.

Frank Gruskay

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