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Yale Engineering Students Receive Immersive Lecture Inside Keggi–Rubin Hip Implant Exhibit

March 07, 2022
by John Ready

Medical device design and innovation students from the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) were the first official group to tour the Keggi-Rubin Hip Implant Collection Exhibit at the Cushing Memorial Library.

As part of a guided lecture from Drs. Keggi, Rubin, and Wiznia, students learned about the highlights, challenges, and evolutions of hip implants from around the world. After brief presentations, students broke out in a classroom setting to go hands on with a wide range of implants, ask questions, and learn more about the evolution of implant design over time.

The exhibit is currently on display in the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library Rotunda until April 29th. More information is available here.

Submitted by John Ready on March 08, 2022