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Walls Display Department’s Commitment to Excellence

March 28, 2023
by Julie Parry

In the fall of 2022, the department communications team set out to create a living, evolving homage to the Department of Internal Medicine’s clinicians, researchers, educators, trainees, and staff.

Located in the entryway of the Boardman Building, the Committed to Excellence wall displays highlight the tremendous talent that encompasses the department through beautiful, bold imagery of clinicians, educators, researchers, trainees, and staff that jump off the blue textured walls. Large wall plaques include the department mission statement, the history of internal medicine at Yale, and a tribute to Iva Dostanic, MD, PhD, and the Physician-Scientist Trainee Award that was created in her memory.

Another component of the new display is the COVID-19 Memorial Art Project. The artwork was commissioned by the department to serve as a reflection of the pandemic. Read all about the artwork, its artist, and its inception at The Art of Remembering: Yale’s COVID-19 Memorial Art Project.

“This display highlights some of individuals within our department, but please take a moment to recognize how each and every person contributes to the continued success of the department,” said Gary V. Désir, MD, Paul B. Beeson Professor of Medicine and chair of the Department of Internal Medicine.

Committed to Excellence wall displays will be updated on an annual basis.

Submitted by Julie Parry on March 28, 2023