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School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

May 26, 2022

Members of the YSM community are grieving for the victims of the school shooting in Uvdale, Texas, and for their families and friends.

The following links on how to speak with children about school shootings/community-level trauma have been provided by Steven Marans and Carrie Epstein, Co-Directors of the Yale Center for Traumatic Stress and Recovery:

· Talking to Children about the Shooting

· For Teens: Coping After Mass Violence

· Age-Related Reactions to a Traumatic Event

· Helping Youth After a Community Trauma: Tips for Educators

In addition, the following resources are available to support members of our community:

· Yale Mental Health & Counseling

· Yale Student Urgent Mental Health Services

· YSM Student Mental Health and Wellness Program

· Employee Assistance Program (Counseling and Support Services)

· Yale Chaplain’s Office

Submitted by Jill Max on May 26, 2022