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Neurology Class of 2020 Graduation and Awards

June 22, 2020
by Allison Greco

The Department of Neurology is proud to present the Class of 2020 and end-of-year awards! Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prevented a formal ceremony for graduating residents and fellows, on June 10, Dr. Jeremy Moeller hosted the graduating Class of 2020 at his home for a socially distanced celebration, where well-wishers from across the department were able to send virtual congratulations through Zoom. Our graduates and their destinations and award winners are listed below:

Christian Amlang, MD – Hospitalist, Yale (applying to Movement Disorders to start in 2021).

Priyanka Chilakamarri, MD – Sleep Medicine, UPenn

Vanessa Cooper, MD – Headache Medicine, Yale

Amanda Hernandez, MD, PhD – Neuromuscular Medicine, Yale

Colin Klenk, MD – Vascular Neurology, Yale

John Picard, MD – Neurocritical Care, Yale

Chindhuri Selvadurai, MD – Movement Disorders, Yale

Chris Traner, MD – Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology, Yale

Jens Witsch, MD – Vascular Neurology, Cornell

Adeel Zubair, MD – Neuromuscular Medicine, Yale

Mustafa Zahmak, MD – Neuro-Oncology, Yale

Lewis Levy Award: Gabriella Garcia, MD and Rita Okumu, MD

The Comprehensive Stroke Center Annual Roger Bannister Awards: Lindsay McAlpine (1st Place), Colin Klenk, MD (2nd Place), Amy Yu, MD (3rd Place)

Gilbert Glaser Award: Mary Barden, MD

Resident Teacher of the Year Award: Chris Traner, MD

Attending of the Year Award: Reshma Narula, MD

Submitted by Allison Greco on June 22, 2020