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3rd Annual Forum on Anxiety: Complementary and Alternative Approaches for Anxiety, Stress, and Wellness

May 18, 2016
by Rachel Horsting

On Thursday, April 28 2016, the Program for Anxiety and Mood Disorders at the Yale Child Study Center hosted its third Annual Forum for Concerned Parents and Professionals. Program Director Wendy K. Silverman, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor Eli R. Lebowitz, Ph.D. led the forum, which hosted distinguished speakers in the field.

Rajita Sinha, Ph.D., spoke about mindfulness meditation and its beneficial effects on anxiety and the brain. Ather Ali, N.D., M.P.H., M.H.S. discussed the benefits and risks of using natural supplements. Michael Bloch, M.D., spoke about Ketamine as an emergent treatment and Molly Crossman, M.S. presented on the use of animals in therapy.

Over a 150 parents and professionals filled the Cohen Auditorium. The audience spoke highly of passion and knowledge of the speakers. They were so enthusiastic several groups requested further training for their staff at agencies and schools.

The Program for Anxiety Disorders is delighted for the opportunity to introduce its work to the community, and is excited for ongoing collaboration with parents and professionals to create and deliver effective research-based anxiety treatments for children and adolescents.

Submitted by Rachel Horsting on May 18, 2016