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Productivity Lifehack: Download articles for later, in bulk

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Life is too short to download, rename, and file each individual article PDF. Instead, I set up my citation manager to download PDFs, and I can spend my research time reading and thinking, instead of managing files and folders.

In this 30-minute training, I’ll review the best settings for PDF downloads in EndNote and Zotero. I’ll demonstrate how it works, and how to sync your citation manager software so that your downloaded PDFs are available on all your devices.

This is useful for everyone who reads journal articles. If you’re about to leave Yale and lose library subscription access to e-resources, it’s especially useful to store PDFs that you will want in the future now, while you still have Yale e-resource access.

Learning outcomes:- Add big sets of records to your citation manager- Set up EndNote and Zotero to maximize automatic PDF retrieval- Sync downloaded PDFs between devices using EndNote or Zotero

You don't need a citation manager to participate in the class -- but you will need a citation manager if you want to do it yourself. EndNote is available from the Yale Software Library, and Zotero is available from



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Jun 20232Friday