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Join us for the second part on how to run a differential gene expression analysis with *DESeq2.

This *online* session will focus on how to extract results when your study has more than two groups and how to use the basic plots available in DESeq2 package to visualize your data.

Be advised that in this session we will not cover how to import data into RStudio and setup a differential gene expression analysis with the R package DESeq2, which was the focus of the previous session.

This workshop is designed for: biomedical researchers with none to minimal knowledge of command language or R programming.

You will learn how to:

  • Use *DESeq2* function *resultsNames()* to retrieve the different comparisons that were setup in DESeq2 analysis design
  • Use the argument *contrast = * within the function *results()* to retrieve the results of comparisons between specific groups in a study with 4 groups
  • Use functions *plotPCA()*, *MAplot()* and *plot()* as basic tools to visualize data analyzed with DESeq2 package.



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Mar 202323Thursday
10:00 AM12:00 PM