Hang Zhou, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Research Departments & Organizations

Yale University: Yale School of Medicine

Research Interests

Alcoholism; Anxiety Disorders; Binge Drinking; Cocaine-Related Disorders; Depression, Postpartum; Depressive Disorder, Major; Marijuana Abuse; Opioid-Related Disorders; Personality; Stress Disorders, Traumatic; Tobacco Use Disorder

Research Summary

My primary research interest is identifying novel genetic risks and exploring the biological etiology for psychiatric diseases and comorbidities.

Extensive Research Description

I lead and participated in several innovative projects and got interesting findings: demonstrated the shared genetic susceptibility contributes to alcohol dependence (AD) and major depression (MD); detected the first gene for the AD-MD comorbidity by genome-wide association study (GWAS); accomplished the largest to date GWAS for alcohol consumption and alcohol use disorder in the Million Veteran Program (MVP); detected a glutamate ionotropic receptor gene as risk for comorbid nicotine dependence and MD. My ongoing projects are focus on: 1). understanding the genetic etiology of opioid use disorder by analyzing MVP data; 2). large scale whole exome sequencing to identify genetic risks for comorbid MD and substance use; 3). shared and causal mechanism between alcohol consumption and MD; 4). causal relationship between alcohol consumption and cancers.

Selected Publications

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