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Winifred Mak, MBBS, PhD

Assistant Professor Adjunct; Director, Early Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Program

Contact Information

Winifred Mak, MBBS, PhD

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Research Summary

Dr Mak, is currently one of a few physician-scientists appointed by the NIH as a WRHR (Women's Reproductive Health Research) scholar. She is presently carrying out her postdoctoral research under the supervision of Dr Haifan Lin, the director of the Yale Stem Cell Center. Her current projects include investigating the role of an RNA binding protein, Pumilio in the ovary and during embryonic development using a transgenic knockout model; the epigenetic regulation of trophoblast stem cells and their future potential use in placental therapy.

Specialized Terms: Embryogenesis; Epigenetic regulation of placental development; Role of Pumilio; RNA binding protein in oogenesis and embryogenesis; Trophoblast stem cells

Research Interests

Gynecology; Obstetrics; Oogenesis; Placenta; Trophoblasts; Women's Health; Embryonic Development

Selected Publications