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Veronica Weser, PhD

Research Scientist

Contact Information

Veronica Weser, PhD

Lab Location

  • 55 Church Street, Fl Basement, Ste B04
    New Haven, CT 06510

Research Summary

Dr. Weser's research during her PhD candidacy primarily concerned illusions, tool use, and user experience in VR (virtual reality). Her work investigated VR users' sensitivity to speed increases and decreases, virtual rotation, or increases and decreases in virtual height. Dr. Weser is interested in the concept of "embodiment," and how humans are able to understand the position of their bodies and limbs in space, as well as the ways in which having an avatar can enhance or detract from one's experience in VR. Beyond VR, Dr. Weser had also extensively used the rubber hand illusion to investigate how one's embodiment in the physical world can be altered through multisensory illusions. She uses this foundation of basic science research to guide the creation of applied VR intervention experiences for vulnerable populations.


Research Interests

Cognition; Perception; Psychology; Psychometrics; Psychophysics; Cognitive Science; Virtual Reality

Selected Publications