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Robert Camp, PhD, MD

Associate Research Scientist in Pathology

Contact Information

Robert Camp, PhD, MD

Office Location

Research Summary

My primary research interests have been in identifying and assessing predictive and prognostic biomarkers in a variety of human cancers including: breast, colon, melanoma, and renal.

Extensive Research Description

In addition to developing methods for the quantitative analysis of biomarkers of tissue sessions, I have developed a number of algorithms and programs for quantifying and statistically analyzing biomarker expression. These include the AQUA (Automated Quantitative Analysis) System (US Patents 7219016, 7873480, 8036833, 8121794), as well X-Tile a graphical method for the identification of tumor subpopulations.


Research Interests

Data Interpretation, Statistical; Biomarkers; Automation, Laboratory

Selected Publications