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Reza Peyravi

Postgraduate Associate; Neuro-AFib Site Coordinator, Neurology; Symposium Chair, Yale Postgraduate Association; Stroke Patient Blinded Assessor, Neurology

Contact Information

Reza Peyravi

Research Summary

Currently, he is at the forefront of a project to classify ischemic stroke etiology by leveraging machine learning neural networks and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze brain MRI diffusion-weighted imaging sequences. This innovative approach not only advances our understanding of stroke etiology but also highlights the transformative role of neural networks and AI in deciphering complex medical data for improved patient outcomes.

In the past year, he has made significant contributions to medical research, participating in co-first authorship on the following papers in the process of submission:

  1. "Population Attributable Risk for Stroke-Related Mortality Associated with Participant Characteristics in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey-National Death Index Linked Database."
  2. "Synergistic contribution of blood pressure and cerebral white matter hyperintensities to the risk of major adverse brain events."
  3. "Lipid-Lowering Therapy Utilization When Indicated and Subsequent Ischemic Stroke Severity."
  4. "Risk Factors, Treatments, and Outcomes of the Diagnosis of Cardiomyopathy in Ischemic Stroke in the United States."

Additionally, he served as an author on the following papers for submission within the last year and upcoming:

  1. "Factors Associated with PFO Closure for Stroke Prevention: Comparing a Multi-Center Real-World Cohort and Clinical Trial Populations." (second author)
  2. "Association of Neighborhood-Level Socioeconomic Factors With Delay to Hospital Arrival in Patients With Acute Stroke."

Extensive Research Description

As site coordinator of the multi-center Neuro-Afib study, he completed a poster used for presentation at the 2023 International Stroke Conference. As a result of that position, he also had the opportunity to travel to Dallas for their annual meeting and prepare to present Yale’s Neuro-Afib Site Presentation. Additionally, he presented a poster "Factors associated with decisions to close PFO for stroke prevention: A comparison of a multi-center real-world cohort and clinical trial populations" at the 2023 YPGA Symposium.

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence; Cerebrovascular Disorders; Critical Care; Neurology; Ophthalmology; Neural Networks, Computer; Machine Learning; Ischemic Stroke