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Morgan Levine, PhD

Assistant Professor Adjunct in Pathology

Extensive Research Description

Research in the Levine lab focuses on modeling epigenetic changes in aging. To do this, we use data from human and rodent cell culture and primary tissue samples to probe the causes and consequences of aging-related alterations in DNA methylation. We are also actively involved in the development of biomarkers of aging. Our ability to "quantify aging" will facilitate basic and observational research by 1) drastically shortening the time needed to screen therapeutics targeting aging, 2) helping to identify genetic and behavioral factors that influence lifespan and healthspan, and 3) informing our framework of Theories of Aging.


Research Interests

Aging; Algorithms; Alzheimer Disease; Energy Intake; Longevity; Stem Cells; Genetic Variation; Cellular Senescence; DNA Methylation; Computational Biology; Gene Expression Profiling; Gene Regulatory Networks; Biostatistics; Clonal Evolution

Selected Publications