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Marianne Cosgrove

Staff Affiliate - YNHH; Program Director - Yale-New Haven Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia

Contact Information

Marianne Cosgrove, PhD, DNAP, CRNA, APRN

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Research Summary

My past research project included a nationwide survey to ascertain student registered nurse anesthetist (SRNA) perceptions of and attitudes toward programmatic stress. Findings suggest that SRNAs are subject to a tremendous stress load during their anesthesia training. Although students feel that they would benefit from the inclusion of a stress-reduction curriculum in their programs of nurse anesthesia, the majority of schools do not include this type of training on a regular basis.

My current research aims to quantify and analyze ambient noise levels in the operating room, particularly during the induction, maintenance and emergence phases of anesthesia. Future studies will include the effects of increased noise on anesthesia provider situation awareness and the potential validation of a noise-sensing, visual cueing device for noise mitigation in the OR.

Specialized Terms: Student stress load, optimization of study and test-taking skills, human factors and patient safety, noise

Research Interests

Anesthesiology; Noise; Patient Safety

Selected Publications