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Kaiden Price, PhD, BS (Hon)

Postdoctoral Associate

Contact Information

Kaiden Price, PhD, BS (Hon)


Very broadly, I am interested in systems neuroscience - how, exactly, does a brain or nervous system work to create appropriate behavioral responses? Within neuroscience, I am interested in expanding the complexity of how we view neural systems - moving from "A inhibits B" to understanding complex, dynamic, non-linear systems at multiple levels (from molecules to circuits). I am working on this in C. elegans, a tiny nematode that has highly stereotyped behavior and neuronal circuits, as well as an extensive genetic toolkit. I use a combination of behavioral assays, calcium imaging, and transgenic manipulations to dissect how C. elegans learns. I also enjoy mentoring undergraduate students - send me an email if you're a dedicated undergrad interested in working in a lab!

Education & Training

  • PhD
    The Ohio State University, Neuroscience (2018)
  • BS (Hon)
    University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Biology (2011)