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Herbert Yu, MD, PhD

Contact Information

Herbert Yu, MD, PhD

Office Location

Mailing Address

  • Chronic Disease Epidemiology

    PO Box 208034, 60 College Street

    New Haven, CT 06520-8034

    United States

Research Summary

Professor Yu's research interest is in molecular epidemiology of chronic diseases with focus on cancer etiology and tumor progression in relation to genetic variations, epigenetic changes, and gene-environment interaction. His recent work includes studies of molecular mechanisms underlying the connection of breast and endometrial cancers to lifestyle and energy balance, as well as DNA methylation in tumor suppressor genes and DNA repair genes and its role in aging and cancer prognosis. The effect of mitogenic growth factors on cancer development and the interplay of these growth factors with environment and lifestyle factors are also part of the research focus in Professor Yu's laboratory. Professor Yu also conducts clinical epidemiological studies to assess molecular and genetic markers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Professor Yu's laboratory serves as Molecular Epidemiology Shared Resource for the Yale Cancer Center.

Specialized Terms: Gene-environment interaction in cancer development and progression; Energy balance and mitogenic growth factors in cancer; Lifestyle's impact on epigenetic regulation in relation to cancer risk and prognosis; Molecular markers for cancer detection, prognosis and treatment

Extensive Research Description

  • Role of Genetic and Lifestyle Interplay in Uterus Cancer
  • Molecular Characterization of the Insulin-like Growth Factor System in Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer and its Association with Tumor Progression
  • Case-control Study of Pancreatic Cancer Etiologic Factors
  • DNA Methylation in Cancer Risk and Progression
  • Case-control study of Liver Cancer
  • GWAS on Endometrial Cancer


Research Interests

Breast Neoplasms; Liver Neoplasms; Neoplasms; Ovarian Neoplasms; Uterine Neoplasms; Molecular Epidemiology; Gene-Environment Interaction

Selected Publications