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George Lister, MD

Jean McLean Wallace Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Cellular And Molecular Physiology

Contact Information

George Lister, MD

Research Summary

Dr. Lister works primarily in two areas of research:

  1. The understanding of oxygen utilization during hypoxia, anemia, and low cardiac output states and the application of the physiologic principles to the care of critically ill infants and children; and
  2. The utility of physiologic home monitoring to detect infants at risk for SIDS.

He also has had leadership in the creation of the new subspecialty of pediatric critical care medicine, in the reorganization of medical education for pediatric residents and subspecialty fellows, and the development of a medical school curriculum.

Extensive Research Description

  • Study of factors affecting risk of infants for SIDS
  • Study of factors improving student and resident medical education


Research Interests

Anemia; Cardiac Output, Low; Hypoxia, Brain; Critical Care; Education, Medical; Pediatrics; Physiology; Sudden Infant Death

Selected Publications