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Frances J. Griffith

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Summary

Frances’ research is broadly related to increasing health equity for people in recovery with mental health and substance use challenges, especially those with intersecting marginalized identities.

Extensive Research Description

Frances' current and future research focuses on accessible, community-based interventions to increase health equity for people in recovery. Branches of her research focus on the development and evaluation of 1) peer-led programs in healthcare organizational settings, 2) individual- and systems-level interventions to reduce stigma and structural discrimination towards people in recovery, and 3) scalable, digital or art interventions for health promotion and prevention of mental health and substance use challenges. Her past research has broadly focused on health consumers with marginalized identities, empowerment, and creativity.

Research Interests

Art Therapy; Community Mental Health Centers; Social Media; Psychiatry and Psychology; Public Health Systems Research

Public Health Interests

Mental Health; Community Engagement

Selected Publications