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Stanley Hudnall, MD

Professor Emeritus of Pathology

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Stanley Hudnall, MD

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Research Summary

Dr. Hudnall is interested in the role of virus infection, chronic inflammation, and altered immunity in the development and progression of human cancer, and the possibility of inhibiting the progression of human cancer with the use of immuno-modulating and anti-inflammatory agents.

Extensive Research Description

Genetics of Hodgkin lymphoma

HHV-6 in Hodgkin lymphoma


Research Interests

Bone Marrow Examination; Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases; Herpesviridae; Hodgkin Disease; Immune System Diseases; Macrophages; Monocytes; Virus Diseases; Molecular Probe Techniques; Herpesvirus 6, Human; Immunophenotyping; Virus Latency; Tumor Escape; Epstein-Barr Virus Infections

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Selected Publications