Brenda L. Martini

Staff Affiliate - VAMC; Health Sciences Officer, Psychiatry Affiliate


Clinical research professional specializing in the management and monitoring of neuroscience research and clinical trials. Experienced in phases 2 through 4 of pharmaceutical drug development, site management and academic trials. Specialized training in project management, neuropsychological assessments, rater training, site training, and clinical diagnostic evaluations.

Interests include:

  • Pharmacotherapy trials in PTSD and related co-morbidities
  • Biomarkers related to cognitive impairment and PTSD severity
  • Clinical project management practices
  • Best practices in assessment
  • Stress attributions, locus of control and coping styles in PTSD

Therapeutic Area/Central Nervous System: DSM defined psychopathology, Neuro-Cognitive Studies/Dementia, Substance Abuse, Pain, AIDs related cognitive trials. United States Patent Co-inventor, Nefazodone: Use in Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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