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Soki Kashima, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

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Soki Kashima, MD, PhD

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Soki Kashima is a urologic surgeon, and a physician-scientist at Akita University School of Medicine in Japan. He graduated from Akita University, and then he received his PhD in Medicine from Akita University Graduate School of Medicine, completing his doctoral research in the Laboratory of Immunology at Kyoto University under the mentorship of Prof. Hiroshi Kawamoto. In doctoral research, he studied the efficacy of antigen-specific T cell therapies derived from iPS cells for renal cell carcinoma, using both in vitro and in vivo (orthotopic xenograft models in mice) models. After his PhD, he has continued his research and clinical work as Assistant Professor at Kyoto University and Akita University with mentorship from Prof. Osamu Ogawa, Prof. Takashi Kobayashi and Prof. Tomonori Habuchi. He has an extensive research skillset in analyzing immune cell function and phenotype, measuring cytotoxicity of T cells, and in patient-derived xenograft mouse models. In the BraunLab, he is using immunogenomic and functional approaches to dissect the tumor microenvironment and understand mechanisms of immunotherapy efficacy in renal cell carcinoma.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Akita University (2020)
  • General Exchange Special Research Student
    Institute for Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University (2015)
  • MD
    Akita University (2011)

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Future of Science Fund scholarshipKeystone Symposia (C2: Cancer Immunotherapy: Beyond Immune Checkpoint Blockade and Overcoming Resistance)2024
Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellowship AwardDepartment of Defense Kidney Cancer Research Program2024
14th Young Researcher Promotion GrantThe Japanese Urological Association 2020
The 106th Annual Meeting AwardThe Japanese Urological Association 2018
Research Fellowship for Young ScientistsJapan Society for the Promotion of Science 2018
Future of Science Fund scholarshipKeystone Symposia (R1: Lymphocytes and their Roles in Cancer, and B6: Emerging Cellular Therapies, T Cells and Beyond)2018

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