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Qingyu Chen, PhD

Associate Research Scientist of Biomedical Informatics and Data Science

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Qingyu Chen, PhD



Dr. Qingyu Chen is an incoming faculty member at the Section of Biomedical Informatics & Data Science, School of Medicine at Yale. He is the principal investigator of the K99 grant and setting up his group expected in 2024.

Dr. Chen was a research fellow in biomedical informatics at the NLM, NIH. Before that, he obtained a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Melbourne. Dr. Chen's research focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science for healthcare and biomedicine, including but limited to the three following areas:

  • Biomedical Text Mining
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • AI-assisted healthcare applications

Dr. Chen has led the major milestone in AI and data science in healthcare from data generation to method development and further to practical applications. He has published ~40 (co-)first-authored papers out of 60 in these areas. He is the (co-)first author of popular tools such as LitCovid, LitSuggest, and LitSense, which have been accessed by millions of biomedical researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Dr. Chen has been the recipient of competitive awards, including the NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence (twice), Top 50 Talent in AI in cross-disciplines by Baidu Scholar, NIH Stadtman Status, Microsoft Master Innovation Award, NLM Honor Award, Excellence in Teaching Award, Summer Mentor Award (four times), and top performance award in three machine learning challenge tasks in biomedical informatics as the first author.

Dr. Chen is actively seeking talented individuals to join his team. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with him at

Education & Training

  • PhD
    University of Melbourne

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