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Mihaela Aslan, PhD

Research Scientist (General Medicine)

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Mihaela Aslan, PhD

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Mihaela Aslan, Ph.D., is a graduate from the Department of Statistics at Yale University. As a mathematical statistician, she conducts methodological research on a range of topics, such as growth mixture models, competing risks methods in survival analysis, and observational methods to emulate randomized clinical trials. Multi-site observational study design represents another major methodological focus of Dr. Aslan's research. Some of her representative studies have focused on clinical topics such as prostate cancer, PTSD, suicidal ideation and behavior in patients with severe mental illness, Gulf War syndrome, and prediabetes. In her 17-year tenure with the Yale University School of Medicine and the VA Cooperative Studies Program (CSP), and in her current role as the Acting Director of Clinical Epidemiology Research Center (CERC), her goals are centered around advancing scientific knowledge, and helping train the next generation of analysts on applied clinical epidemiology methods, for improving translation and implementation of research results into clinical practice, and to benefit the health and healthcare of Veterans, and by extension, of all human beings.

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