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Mariam Korangy

Project Director, Strategic School Partnerships

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Mariam Korangy


Mariam Korangy, M.A., is the Director of Strategic School Partnerships at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. In her current role, Mariam manages district partnerships and implementation supports. She also leads the Priority Districts Initiative, which identifies prioritized district for growth, funding, and support and co-leads one of our Center’s DEI initiatives to secure funding for RULER training and implementation in under-resourced communities.

Since joining the Center in 2016, Mariam has contributed to the RULER for Families team designing workshops, games and videos for trainings geared towards families implementing RULER in their homes. She helped launch RULER Online by creating online tools and applications to teach RULER during trainings, inside the classroom, and at home with families. As the RULER Relations Specialist, Mariam built and sustained partnerships with schools, districts, and regions across the country.

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