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Karen L Lankford, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Neurology

Contact Information

Karen L Lankford, PhD



Karen Lankford has a broadly based background in biology and over thirty years of experience with cell culture and quantitative morphometric analysis techniques using a wide variety of light and electron microscopic procedures. She is philosophically committed to following the data wherever it may lead, even when it involves shifting the direction and learning new techniques.

In addition to her research activities, she is in the process of attempting to develop a nonprofit website to provide basic brain science information to patients and families dealing with serious neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders. The site will provide this information in a layman friendly conversational tone with the goal of helping patients and family members understand what their doctor is trying to explain to them and participate in a more meaningful way in treatment decision.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Northwestern University (1987)

Departments & Organizations