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Jordan Valdez

Contact Information

Jordan Valdez


Prior to joining the Yale MSTP, Jordan completed her undergraduate studies at Emory University, conducting research under the mentorship of Dr. David Weiss on heterogeneity of resistance phenotypes within populations of multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens. A classical microbiologist by training, her interest in host-microbe interactions led Jordan to affiliate with the Department of Immunobiology to pursue her PhD in the lab of Noah Palm, studying gut microbiota and their impacts on human health and disease, taking particular interest in the microbiota-gut-brain axis. Outside of the lab, Jordan enjoys caring for her two wonderful dogs (a young, boisterous English Springer Spaniel named Finnigan and an elderly, shy Pug-Beagle mix named Goose) and playing board games with friends (Gloomhaven and Pandemic Legacy are her current favorites).

Education & Training

  • BS
    Emory University, Biology (2016)